Know the End before it comes!

The fulfillment of end time prophecies in the book of Revelation is nearer now than ever before.

As we get closer, it is imperative we understand what to expect will occur on the world scene.

Here are some questions about the last book of the Bible we need answers to:

- What does it say about the future of the world?

- Where does it place the church in the last days?

- What does it say about Israel in the end time?

- How does it portray the return of Christ?

THE UNVEILING conveys with clarity what the book of Revelation reveals concerning these issues. You get to see the overall picture the Revelation paints, as well as the details of the visions within it.

Robert I. Adams is from Britain and currently lives in Norway. He has studied Bible prophecy since his early teens.

"A pioneer work of historic proportions."

Lars Enarson - President of The Watchman International